HERO, a PLAYER from the HIGHSTAR comes to “beat” the mysterious GAMESTAR and rescue PRIN,
but he will face an unexpected turn of events againts everything he knows about games.

Timing scroller with great control design, single player story mode, minigames about Game Culture, inside jokes and fast packed action.

Our Indiegogo campaign start on October 2013, special artbooks, items and early access to the GameStar Beta scheduled only for early backers right away.

Indie Spirit

Inspirated on old school gaming, we design a cool game reflecting our particular style for platforming games in nowdays devices.

Closed Beta

Cool characters, easy to play, hard to master, an engaging story telling and great music.

Open Design

Game design documents, artworks and more are a special reward for most of all pledges levels, leting people know our old school way and modern techniques to design games.

Funders goodies

Special rewards for most of all pledges levels.